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RF Electric is a South Plainfield NJ, based, independent contracting company.  RF Electric provides service to residential, commercial, and light industrial clients in: Somerset, Mercer, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Union County, and surrounding areas. 

One of the most profound breakthroughs within the Electrical community has been the introduction of LED lighting into residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. This breakthrough has been relentlessly pushing all other forms of lighting into the realm of the obsolete, and

for good reason: their ongoing running costs are much lower than traditional lighting options.

Not only are LED lights much more efficient and cost effective than conventional lighting, but their average life span greatly triumphs those of its predecessors. Florescent bulbs shine for approximately 10,000 hours. Incandescent bulbs are good for about 1500 hours. LED bulbs shine brighter and more efficiently for 30,000 hours.

If you wish gain a deeper knowledge regarding LED lights and how it saves our client’s time, frustration, and money, keep reading!

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Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship
Certificate of License / Electrical Contractor 1985 
License No. 8394 
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Elevator Systems 2008 Electrical Contractors Code Update/Law
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