There are many reasons a home’s Electrical service may need an upgrade. The most common reason in older homes is due to the addition of the many modern electrical appliances we have today compared to years ago. For example, a home built in the 1930’s and 40’s may have only needed a 30-amp service since the only thing to plug in was a radio or lamp! During the 1960’s and 70’s a home’s service would have been built with a 60 or 100-amp service to handle the new appliances on the market such as vacuums, TV's and room air conditioners. Currently there are so many electrical appliances on the market, it is not uncommon for an average size home to need a 150-amp service. Now with the introduction of Electric Vehicles, the demand for electric requires most homes to be equipped with a 200-amp or larger Electric Service. Whatever your situation is, we can do a Load Calculation of your home to determine just what size service is necessary for you.