Planning for a Tesla Home Charger Installation

Home Tesla Professional EV Installation Services by RF Electric

Although wiring for all EV Chargers is similar, conditions vary greatly from house to house. So, there are many factors to consider when planning a charger installation, for example: Does the electrical service panel have circuit breaker space for the EV circuit? Is the electric service to the house large enough for the added load of the EV? Where is the Electrical Panel relative to where the EV will be parked? Therefore, it is important for customers to use only a qualified electrical contractor familiar with EV installations. 

RF-Electric has been installing wiring for EV chargers for many years, we know just what questions to ask to provide a detailed installation plan and proposal for your job. You can find more information about home charging and see many photos of our installations in the Mobile Connector & Wall Connector section of our website.  

Types of Home Tesla EV Chargers

There are two methods of home charging a Tesla Electric Vehicle, level-1 & level-2. Each are listed below.

Level-1 Tesla EV Charging

uses the Tesla Mobile Charger fitted with a 120-volt adaptor. This charger/cord comes with all Tesla vehicles.  Although this method does not require a special circuit, it is not a viable option for everyday charging since it only provides a re-charge rate of 2 to 3 miles of range per hour. It can be used for drivers with very short driving needs, or as a temporary charging method until a level-2 charging system is installed.

     Tesla Mobile Charger1     Tesla Mobile Charger     Tesla Mobile Charger2

Level-2 Tesla EV Charging

provides a much higher charge rate than level-1. This method requires a Dedicated 240-volt circuit usually run directly from the Electric Service Panel to the charger. Level-2 charging can be provided by either the Tesla Mobile Charger or the Tesla Wall Connector as described below.

  • The Tesla Mobile Connector fitted with a 240-volt adaptor will provide level-2 charging up to 7.7kw. The charger must be plugged into a 240-volt high-power receptacle, usually fed from the Main Service Panel. Since this charger/cord comes with all Tesla vehicles, the only additional equipment cost to attain this level-2 charging is the 240-volt adaptor, which we can supply for you.

Tesla Mobile Connector     Tesla Mobile Connector 2     Tesla Mobile Connector 1

  • The Tesla Wall Connector provides the fastest level-2 charging available for Tesla Vehicles. This charger must be hard-wired to a 240-volt high-power, 60-amp circuit, usually fed from the Main Service Panel. The Tesla Wall Connector does not come with Tesla vehicles, but it is Tesla’s recommended method for home charging. The added cost for this method of charging compared to the Tesla Mobile Connector is generally $725 which includes the charger and upgraded wiring. We often have theses in stock and can provide one for you.

Tesla Wall Connector     Tesla Wall Connector 1