Wall Connector Power Management

Power Management is a suite of three Wall Connector features:
Static Power Management,
Dynamic Power Management,
Group Power Management.

These features provide the fastest charging rate while avoiding expensive electrical upgrades that could be required if a home has limited power.


Static Power Management

Static Power Management allows your installer to select from several different power levels when your Wall Connector is installed. Based on the available power in your electrical panel, the installer will utilize the best power level for your Wall Connector to match your electrical system.

How It Works

Static Power Management sets a maximum charge for your Wall Connector that works with your home electrical system. This maximum charge rate will be constant and will not adjust for any reason.

Why It’s Useful

This feature allows you to install and use Wall Connector with whatever existing power is available at your home, without needing to purchase any additional hardware. Even at a lower power level, most people can charge enough overnight to meet their daily driving needs.


Dynamic Power Management

Dynamic Power Management adjusts charge rate in real-time based on the available power in your electrical panel. This means your charge rate will always be the fastest possible, while ensuring that total power being drawn from your panel is within safe limits.

Note: Dynamic Power Management requires the purchase and installation of a Tesla-approved power meter, sold separately from the Wall Connector. Currently, these meters are available for purchase online or through a Tesla Certified Installer.

How It Works

Using a Tesla-approved power meter, Dynamic Power Management continuously monitors the available power in your panel and adjusts your Wall Connector charge rate based on electrical usage in your home. So when your home is using more power—for example, when you have a dryer and a water heater running—your vehicle will charge more slowly. But when your home is using less power—for example, at night—your vehicle will charge more quickly.

Why It’s Useful

This feature allows you to get the maximum charge rate of your Wall Connector while avoiding electrical upgrades. This is ideal for homes or parking spaces with limited power.


Group Power Management

Group Power Management is a feature that allows up to six Gen 3 Wall Connectors to share power and charge multiple vehicles at once. Power is distributed across multiple Wall Connectors to minimize charge time for each vehicle while making sure total power being drawn from your panel or a single circuit is within safe limits.

How It Works

Group Power Management wirelessly monitors and controls the total amount of power used by multiple Wall Connectors. All Gen 3 Wall Connector variants are compatible with Group Power Management, and you can use multiple variants in the same Group.

Why It’s Useful

This functionality is ideal for households that need to charge more than one electric vehicle at the same time but may not have enough power for multiple electrical circuits. Installing a single circuit to power multiple Wall Connectors may be the most cost-effective installation, especially when the distance between your parking location and electrical panel is significant.