Tesla Wall Connector Charging Installation Services by RF-Electric

Tesla Wall Connectors provide the fastest re-charge rate for home charging.

Currently there have been three versions of Wall Connectors with the Tesla Gen-3 being the newest. This version now has Wi-Fi, which is used for the initial set up, load sharing with no special wiring, and to communicate with Tesla for Troubleshooting. Many more uses for the Wi-Fi Wall Connector are expected to be introduces in the future.

The Generation-2 Wall Connector can provide high capacity charging for older vehicles that were equipped with dual chargers. When set up for load sharing, the Gen-2 TWC can charge up to four Vehicles at a time. These units are no longer available on Tesla's web site.

(TWC) With charger in the garage

When the Electrical Service Panel is in the basement, the circuit is run from the panel through the basement into the garage. Then usually extended with conduit through the garage to the charger location. With an unfinished basement these installations are relatively straightforward. When the basement is finished, the installation can be more challenging, especially when the ceiling is finished with sheet rock. In those cases, the wire is fished where possible, run through unfinished areas and duct-work chases. The installation of access panels is also often required to access the garage.

(TWC) Next to existing service panel

These installations are typical when the electrical service panel is in the garage with the EV parked adjacent to it. For larger garages with the EV parked further from the panel, a conduit is generally run from the panel to that location.

(TWC) With charger in the garage with EV Sub-Panel 

When the Main Service Panel is in the basement, and a customer wants to install a charger in the garage and future proof for possible additional electric vehicles, one solution is to install a 100-amp EV panel in the garage. This set up will provide the power for the 1st charger and provide capacity for adding additional EV chargers in the future. 

(TWC) Located outside

The Tesla Wall Connector is waterproof and can be installed outdoors for owners without a garage. Each installation is unique and requires careful thought as to the best location for the charger. With a driveway directly adjacent to the house, the charger is generally mounted on the house wall. Other installations where the driveway is not next to the house may require trenching to the parking location with a post mounted the charger.  

(TWC) Located in a detached garage

Existing wiring to most detached garages is adequate for general lighting and 120-volt outlets. Powering up an EV needs quite a bit more power than this. In these cases where a detached garage has no power or only basic 120-volt power, we usually install a 100-amp feed underground or overhead to the garage. A sub panel is then installed in the garage which will feed the charger. These installations generally require a site visit to determine whether an underground or overhead method is best for the field conditions. 

(TWC) Gen-2 Specialty installations 

These installations include High Capacity charging, load share or load share prep wiring. Some older Tesla vehicles were equipped with Dual-Chargers which would enable high capacity charging. This could provide for a much faster charge rate when supplied on a 90-amp circuit using the Generation-2 Tesla Wall Connector. Load sharing allows charging more than one Tesla at the same time without overloading the customers electric service. The Generation-2 Wall Connector required special wiring for load sharing.