RF-Electric: Leading the Charge in Vehicle Charging Solutions

The Challenge:

Many communities without garages have traditionally found it challenging to adopt vehicle charging systems. A significant number of such communities have specific parking arrangements, with spaces often located a distance away from the respective units. Previously, options like running a charging cord from a home to a parking spot across sidewalks, or mounting chargers on posts were often met with resistance from Homeowner Associations (HOAs). This restricted residents to using public chargers or superchargers, which may not always be convenient.

The Game Changer:

In a groundbreaking move, the state introduced legislation last year that guarantees every resident the right to charge their vehicles at home. This legal milestone has propelled communities into seeking innovative and efficient charging solutions.

Our Solutions:

At RF-Electric, we are at the forefront of providing diverse charging solutions tailored to each community's unique needs. Here's how communities are charging ahead with our help:

  1. Designated EV Charging Spots: We help set up specific charging stations within communities. While these are community-financed, they ensure residents have easy access to charging without any hassle.

  2. Safe Cord Systems: For communities that opt for chargers attached to the front of their units, we provide safe cord systems that run across walks. Paired with cones, these solutions ensure safety without compromising accessibility.

  3. Post-Mounted Chargers: For residents who prefer personal charging units, we offer chargers that can be conveniently mounted on posts right at the resident's parking spot. *for communities that allow post-mount chargers



Why RF-Electric?

We believe in a future where every vehicle is electric, and every electric vehicle owner has easy access to a charger. Our mission is to eliminate barriers and provide top-tier charging solutions for every community. Choose RF-Electric and drive into a greener, more efficient future.

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